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Our Family

Don Luigi was a man used to the outdoor life and passionate for the land where he grew up. However, due to necessity, he left his home on the mountain and found work in one of Positano prestigious restaurants renowned for its clientele of artists, directors and internationals business men.

As time passed he decided to leave everything and everyone and return back home to cultivate the land he loved so much and take care of its livestock.

La Tagliata Positano
Don Luigi

Don Luigi

The Chef

Many friends and acquaintances, missing their charismatic friend and his good food, came to visit him. Don Luigi, being a generous and hospitable man, was more than happy to welcome his guests...

With great pleasure, he satisfied their appetites with wholesome food such as:
Tureens of pasta with beans and pork (cotiche), spaghetti with garlic and crushed chilli peppers, broccoli and homemade sausage, tripe and small delicacies that were specialities of Don Luigi.

So was born "La Tagliata".

La Tagliata today!

spectacular location

This spectacular location with its incredible view of the Galli isles, Capri and magical town of Positano below, is also internationally recognised for the well known people who eat there but as a restaurnat specializing in genuine and original dishes from its area.

Here, we are fortunate to try handmade pasta made by la Signora Dora, (Don Luigi's wife), with the expertise of her son Vincenzo (the chef), who works along side her.

Peppino and Antonietta, Don Luigi's and Dora's other children, professionally serve at the tables. Greeting their guests with the same warm, friendly hospitality that they were brought up with. Their smiles and willingness to please adding to La Tagliata's eating experience...

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