Cooking Class in Positano

Home cooking class

We are happy to propose you a new way to test and eat at La Tagliata with a cooking class, a day to spend with our family at direct contact with our land and having a wonderful experience by an authentic simply Italian family.

Here you will no find a fancy lesson but a home cooking class. Our day will start with a tour through our gardens and together we will pick up our vegetables of the season from our biologic tradition, than we will go and take hen-eggs , more fresh than that!

Cooking Class in Positano
cooking class positano

So we will sure you will appreciate all fresh ingredients of the day as: 

  • basil to cook our pesto; 
  • egg-plants to cook our parmigiana; 
  • zucchini for linguine with zucchine; 
  • and many other dishes to test and cook together that I will inform you more about at direct contact. 

Important details here you will no take part to a regular cooking class made of a lot of people so no commercial but a family style, more private, so that I can take and guarantee good care for your experience here at La Tagliata, call us soon, enjoy with us!

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