Antipasti - Starters

Parma ham and melon, bacon, homemade salami.
Little mozzarella cheeses.
Eggplant / aubergine parmigiana, steamed peas, chickpeas and beans, home-grown broccoli.

Starters Photogallery

tomatoes and mozzarella
our starters
pasta salad
home-grown broccoli
eggplant parmigiana
our starters

First course

Homemade fresh pasta.
Gnocchi with a choice of sauces, ravioli with provola cheese, rugola / rocket and mozzarella, fusilli with pumpkin, cannelloni with meat, manicaretto.

First course photogallery

spaghetti with organic tomatoes
homemade fresh pasta
spaghetti with little tomatoes

Second Course

Florence steak / T-bone steak, steak, fillet, chicken, grilled veal, rabbit, sausage, lamb.

Second Course photogallery

grilled steak
grilled steak
grilled steak
florence steak
grilled steak


Homemade cakes.

Photogallery dolci

uva da tavola
pesche del frutteto
homemade cakes
homemade cakes